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I am 12 years old so far
if you want your life, stay away or I bite
I study in FMSP 6A'09 Choir SST 1-04'10 Guitar Ensemble
wanna add me on facebook , msn ? I dont add unknown people (: paiseh
gosh, I sound ego. hwahwa :D
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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009Y
    task 5


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    FACEBOOK!!! (:

    why? cause facebook allows me to connect with my friends and allow us to keep in touch. facebook also has different applications and games for me to try. i love to play pet society in facebook (: so does yy, my best pet society pal. hahahaha. that's why my favourite application is FACEBOOK (:

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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009Y
    task 2b

    TASK 2B

    - (b) Some places that I been to overseas

    My Trip to USA :

    [click and drag around (: ]

    View My trip to USA in a larger map


    -at disneyland anaheim, my family and I took lots of rides and visited lots of fascinating shops. we also stayed on to watch the fireworks later on at night.

    - at universal studios hollywood, my family and I had a tour of the place. we were also shown how movies were filmed or animated.there were also rides for us to take. my sister had a portrait of her drawn (:

    -at pier 39, my family and I took a bay cruise. we saw sea lions (: as the wind was strong, seagulls flying toward us got blown away! it was really fascinating to watch. as each bird flew toward us, suddenly, FHOOOOSH! backward it went! we went under the golden gate bridge and saw the place where the show 'The Rock" was filmed.

    all the above details could be found in the map (:

    google map :http://maps.google.com/
    my memory (:

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    task 2a

    TASK 2A

    the suggested routes from my home to SST [via car] are :
    - AYER RAJAH EXPY [ 9 min ]
    - BOON LAY WAY [ 10 min ]

    google maps also provide information on where the destination would be ( e.g. on your left ) and my parents would be able to know whether to keep to the left or right. google maps also provide information on the traffic condition so that my parents would be able to plan the journey, perhaps maybe changing the route when there's heavy traffic.

    i think the information google maps provide are considerably useful and reliable.


    photo : http://media.photobucket.com/image/notebook/SideKicksrHOTT/icons/Notebook.jpg?o=91
    info on routes :http://maps.google.com/

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    Tuesday, December 15, 2009Y
    creating this blog

    i have a blog of my own, so creating this blog wasn't very new to me. everything was okay (:

    blogging can be a way of communication.

    in SST, we could have a class blog in each class. using the class blog, we can upload information from different sites and share our knowledge.

    this is how blogging can be part of my learning experince in SST (:


    photo : http://media.photobucket.com/image/chocolate/mikanmiwako/chocolate.jpg?o=268

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    confirm posting

    http://journeyatsst.blogspot.com/ so.. yeah. i was kinda like the photo when i received information that i was selected in SST. ok. so i chose this picture because i was pratically dancing around when i saw the title on my letter : "CONFIRMED OFFER UNDER DIRECT SCHOOL ADMISSION - SECONDARY FOR ADMISSION TO SST IN 2010". i was simply delighted! YES! I AM ACCEPTED! i was overjoyed.over the moon. on cloud nine. yeah you get the picture. i read the letter with glee and read that i would need to be eligible to attend the Express course based on my PSLE results. "That would be no problem," i thought. still, i didn't dare to slack. i wasn't going to let my grades slip! over a few days or so, i finally manage to get over my excitement and got back to studying for my PSLE. it felt great seeing an "Express" on my result slip... cause that means i will be going to SST! YES! after all my hard work, i finally managed to achieve my goal! there was simply no word or phrase to describe my joy (:

    photo of dancing patrick : http://media.photobucket.com/image/spongebob/MrsFaye215/Gif/spo09I.gif?o=73

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